10 thoughts on “Lifestyle branding and the Disney Princess megabrand

  1. As a mother with two daughters this makes me feel slightly nauseous. I can’t believe people are so stupid as to fall for this. Luckily, education and the encouragement to think independently means my daughters have grown into relatively sane adults without a penchent for dressing in pink or as princesses. Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh dear. Oh very dear. But I question who is this aimed at. Who is buying in to this particular brand? How many children sit down and look at DIY catalogues and go “this is the paint for me!”?

    No, it’s adults who are fuelling this one. And that worries me even more.

  3. Right, it isn’t just about giving your kid fantasy bedroom decor and selling them the Disney princess aesthetic, but it’s also about adults buying into it. I’m imagining what happens when (married, cis, hetero) women start trying to convince their (cis) husbands that their bedroom (or other rooms they share) should also be Disney princess-themed…. Then the princess aesthetic becomes a site for women’s “choices” to “empower” them in a particularly gendered way. Then conventional, even stereotypical, femininity becomes something women start fighting for, or, rather, fighting for the consumption of. This isn’t exactly new, but it’s getting more frightening (pervasive?) by the minute. Yikes!

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